Project executor Riu Pravets Resort is
GP Group Ltd. The buildings in the complex were put into operation in 2009.

Construction of buildings

  • Carrying structure of the buildings – reinforced concrete, monolithic, without columns with vertical bearing columns and washers. The reinforced concrete frame provides the spatial resistance of the construction of seismic impacts;
    Internal stairs – reinforced concrete cantilever stairwells. The walls of the staircase to the dwellings are insulated with 5 cm EPS;
    Roof -Table-concrete slab and wooden construction with full system of Bramak – Austria;
    External walls – 25 cm thick brick walls – Wienerberger – Austria type from hollow bricks, heat insulated with 5 cm EPS – external thermal insulation with silicate plaster Baumit;
    Internal partition walls between houses – brick masonry 25 cm type Wienerberger – Austria;
    Internal partition walls in the dwellings – 12 cm brick wall type Wienerberger – Austria;
    Bases and basementWaterproofing – on the foundations and beneath the concrete flooring – production Izola Petrov – Bulgaria;
    Thermal insulation – EPS;

    Thermal insulation – 8 cm XPS;
    Provided steam and waterproofing;
    Coating – squeezing;

    Heat insulation – EPS-5 cm on external walls – external thermal insulation Baumit, 8 cm XPS on terraces over heated rooms, 5 cm XPS under the slab on the first floor and below the bay windows;
    Facing materials – PVC joinery, gneiss, Baumit silicate plaster, elements of ceramics and wood;
    Metal railings on the terraces combined with wood;
    Architectural finishing works

    External window frames – doors and windows – PVC joinery with double glazing;